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Secteur : Chaweng
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To whom it may concern, Hello, I would like to complain about my stay at the Buri Chaweng Resort, Koh Samui. This is my 6 th trip to Thailand that I book with you, and it is the first time I complain. As you can see from my booking history, we ve stayed at the Buri Chaweng Resort in the past: at 2015, 2013 and 2011. We chose to stay there again, for the 4 th time, as it had always been a nice Hotel with good stuff and good service. This year, at the last moment, we decided to come with our children and we knew that we will need to pay extra for the room for them. That is what we ve done at Railay Beach, Nanyuan and Koh Tao: each hotel asked for extra 200 Bath per child per night. We declared to each hotel about the children and payed the extra payment. We ve done the same at the Buri Chaweng Resort, but unfortunately the women at the front desk, Miss Apple, told us we can t stay at the room together with our children. I offered to pay the extra payment, she said we can add only one child in cost of 500 Bath per night. It is important to mention, that all the previous hotels asked for 200 Bath per night per child (Nanyuan 300 Bath per child). We offered to pay 1000 Bath extra per night, but she refused and told us that we must take an extra room for 3,500 Bath per night. We explained that we can t afford it. I asked her to cancel the reservation and we all will leave and stay at another hotel, but she told me that she can t do that and I should speak to my agent. Unfortunately we had to separate: my wife stayed at the Hotel with our two children and we payed extra 2,500 Bath for them and I had to leave and stay at night with a friend at a nearby hotel. Miss Apple said that if I was to use any of the hotel facilities (such as the pool), I would have to pay extra too. After two days separated, she called my wife s room and told her that she took food from breakfast to the room. My wife explained that it never happened and she never took anything. She told her that if she will not come to the reception she will call the police. She told us that the demand came directly from her manger but when we asked to talk to him she said we can t do that. My wife was very upset. Miss Apple accused my wife in stilling from the breakfast. Now, after 2 days she asked us to pay extra 2500 Bath for me to stay in the room with my family, (this was what we asked for at the beginning and she refused). We asked to speak with the manager but she said we can t and we must pay. We tried to explain that I wasn’t in the room for the last two days and that my wife never took food to the room. In the end we paid 2000 Bath after Miss Apple shouted at me and my wife at the front desk in front of other guests and the staff. We ve been accused in stilling and being dishonest. We were so disappointed, that we almost haven’t stayed at the hotel and didn t use the facilities. Every day we ve been outside in activity or at the beach. We didn’t buy anything from the hotel and I think Miss Apple harm the hotel s business. It s important to mention that the hotel was almost empty as it is off season and we chose to come back anyway again to the Buri Chaweng Resort. Never again. [R24 integr.ERR:escaping]
Par Blau Nir
le 2018-10-02
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